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Le Venera has been your faithful companion for the last 15 years. Our first version of the website also saw its light way back in 2011. Your found it pleasant and sweet, based on the feedback we have received throughout the years, but it was also necessary to take a step forward.


This is why today we are proud to present to you our NEW website.


In new clothes, with fresh perfume and some accessories, just for You, our dear companions and visitors, a new, redesigned, completely updated website.


And just as you have been used to, here are exclusive, original images of our beautiful masseuses, who have exposed their bodies and curves in front of a photographic lens just for You and your curiosity.


Take a peek, scroll through it, read ...


Updated, new version and fresh, new photos.


We are really excited about our new website. How about you?

LE VENERA, Your better part of a day