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Our parlor offers erotic massages which take place in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere and, in addition to a full body massage, also include a massage of your sexual organ.
We offer a variety of options, so you will definitely find something for yourself: Venus; classical massage with hands, Eros; body to body massage, Dioniz; body to body with two masseuses, Dominatta; soft form of domination, Footjob; erotic foot massage, Lingam; penis massage, M Vital®; our own combination of selected erotic massages designed to increase sexual energy, G-spot; prostate massage either as a stand-alone or included in any other erotic massage. Of course, we didn’t forget about couples; Simfonija massage with one masseuse and Harmonija or Yoni & Lingam with two masseuses. The fairer sex can indulge themselves by choosing erotic massage Afrodita or Yoni.

We recommend the  M Vital® erotic massage, which is our protected intellectual property and you can only receive it in our parlor, Le Venera. It is a combination of our best massages, therefore it offers you exceptionable feelings of comfort, intense sensations, and gives a boost to your health, brain activity, and creative thinking. M VITAL ®

Erotic massage Venera takes place on a massage table and is consists of classical massage techniques, with masseuse using her hands to work on various muscle groups.
Eros massage is performed on the floor or more precisely on a comfortable floor mattress and is a combination of two techniques; the short introductory classical massage followed by a body to body technique, i.e. massage using breasts and other parts of the masseuse's body. It is a more sensual, hot, a truly erotic massage of one body to another.
In both types of massage penis massage is also included and, upon client's request, external or internal prostate massage or anal stimulation can also be added.

The masseuse transforms into the role of the mistress; the visitor is in a subordinate role. You can bring any accessory of your own for the misstress to use on you. Domina is already dressed appropriately (high boots, latex). Various accessories such as ropes, handcuffs, whip, etc. are included. However, we emphasize that this is a softer level of domination although the level may be changed according to your wishes..
The masseuse can also accomodate her outfit and massage according to the client's wishes.

VIn Le Venera we also perform prostate massage. Its purpose is to improve blood circulation to the gonads. Our masseuses are instructed both theoretically and practically regarding the massage itself by professional medical staff, so that any concern about improper performance or. the possibility of any injury is superfluous. Prostate massage involves two techniques. One is completely external, where it superficially warms the muscles and stimulates the prostate, the other also includes an internal massage, where the masseuse stimulates and warms your gland with your fingers through the rectum (with a gloved hand). Doctors also recommend it.

Both types of erotic massage are based on the body to body technique and are performed on a comfortable floor matress. By choosing Simfonija erotic massage you will enjoy the company of one masseuse, while two masseuses will be taking care of you in Harmonja massage.
Want to participate in your partner's massage? Are you feeling playful? Maybe you want the role of an observer? Want a mix of all of the above? In such cases, we recommend Simfonija.
If you simply want to experience the magical touches of our masseuses and be in a passive role, then Harmonija is the right choice for you.

Be respectful. Touching the masseuse is allowed within normal limits, such as gentle caressing, but it is not allowed to touch the genital area. We also do not allow kissing and/or licking. By following these rules, you will receive much more satisfaction and benefits from the massage. Our recommendation is to completely surrender and enjoy the erotic massage offered by the masseuse, in a passive role.

NO, not possible. We offer exclusively erotic massages, which means body massage with included genital massage (by hand). We do NOT offer oral or sexual intercourse under any circumstance.

Masseuses have their allocated hours during the week so they are not available all day everyday at the parlor. We invite you therefore, to call and check when your favorite masseuse is working and make the appointment.

Yes, our website is always adorned with photos of our current masseuses. Also pictures on the walls in our massage parlor.
We have been working with an exceptional, professional photographer for many years and publish exclusively our own photos. In addition to him, we must thank also our beautiful masseuses for these top-notch photographs, and the coordinator of these photoshooting projects, our Emma.

VWe are happy to welcome any new visitor to our parlor, and even more so every returnee. Therefore we offer special benefits for you, so you feel like a king already upon arrival. One such benefit is VIP Le Venera. If you visit us and use our services at least 10 times within one year, you will gain VIP status. At the 10th service, among other benefits, you will receive a password that allows you to access the content of VIP Le Venera on our website. The content is interesting, rich in valuable educational and useful information.
For all other options that are available, ask our friendly receptionists during the visit, they will be happy to inform you.

We recommend you make an appointment over the phone, as it is the fastest and up-to-date option. Usually a day or two in advance is enough, but we invite you to call us at any time during working hours and check, perhaps there is a free slot on the same day.

We work to ensure that discretion is kept at  all times, which is why we schedule our visitors at specific hours. There is no running into other people at our parlor, so we kindly ask all our visitors to respect the agreed time and hour and arrive punctually, not sooner or later. In case of your delay, let us know about it.
There is also a large public car park in the immediate vicinity of the parlor, where your car easily blends in with the surroundings. You may be completely at ease at your visit.

Payment is taken care of at reception desk upon arrival, in cash.

A temple is a house of gods and kings. Some of our massages are named after gods and we wanted to indicate that by visiting us, you are treated to royal pampering and attention.
Le Venera is not just a superficial provider of erotic massage services; we try to treat you holistically. We educate our masseuses in the field of massage, eroticism and sexual energy. During the massage, special techniques are used to maintain and/or increase your sexual power and vitality and consequently, help you maintain and/or increase your health, energy, general well-being and satisfaction.

The door of Le Venera opened in 2007 with the awareness and desire to offer our visitors more than just an erotic massage service. The temple of relaxation, sexual power and vitality Le Venera is distinguished by attractive masseuses who are professional at their work and keep educatng themselves in the fields of erotica, body anatomy, massage techniques and sexual energy.
Masseuses love their work, possess well-developed empathy, listen to your words and offer you what you need. Perhaps that is an hour of peace, relaxation and silence, or perhaps you could do with a pleasant chat and laughter in a warm ambience, with great company.
Those that already visited us praise our high standard of cleanliness, our expertise and professionalism, empathy, and warmth.
Our regular visitors are also treated to various benefits.
By making your appointment for an erotic massage and surrendering to the capable hands of our masseuses, you are getting rid of stress, releasing tension and raising satisfaction to a higher level, which contributes to better health, greater creativity, new strength and more vitality.

We are looking to your visit!

We assure a save environment and offer you those sweet moments which abolish stress, variegate and enrich you day and bring a smile to your face.

Le Venera, Your better part of a day.