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Benefits of erotic massage

Benefits of erotic massage for men and women

The touch has always been an important part in the communication between men and women.  Erotic massage is a powerful way of getting in touch with your body, mind, and spirit, while having beneficial effects on men and women.

The focus of erotic massage is to stimulate the brain, which then sends the impulse to sex organs. Erotic massage activates the hypothalamus, which controls the pituitary gland. Pituitary gland then releases special hormones (gonadotropins) that affect the sex glands (ovaries and breasts in females, testicles and penis in males). Gonadotropins play a beneficial role in the ageing process, which has also been scientifically proven.

Even though it's been proven that pituitary gland actually produces gonadotropin and other hormones that help with slowing down the ageing process, they cannot be released until the hypothalamus is sufficiently stimulated to activate the pituitary gland. Hypothalamus can be activated through intense neurologic stimulation, where erotic massage can play a great role. When this happens (hypothalamus is sufficiently stimulated), those hormones are released by pituitary gland and then they travel to other endocrine glands (glands that release hormones directly into the blood), which are then responsible for spreading them throughout the whole body.

Erotic massage which leads to orgasm can activate this process of »de-ageing« in a man or a woman. Exactly before and after the orgasm, your mind is in the state of sensibility, where it is especially attentive towards everything within its reach of touch and sense. By regularly practicing erotic massage it can act as a »vehicle« that will drive us towards good health, vitality, and youth.

Another benefit of this type of massage is to help the mind experience a temporary freeze of time, while the whole nervous system focuses its whole attention to the sense and release of the sexual fluids. This way the erotic massage helps the »bypass of the nervous system«. The stronger the orgasm is, the bigger the bypass; consequently the sensitivity and perception heighten.

An orgasm has an intense effect on the back of the head (area responsible for sight) and at the same time influences the cortex (the part responsible for controlled movements). During the orgasm we can see and feel things better and in perfect focus. Colours are clear and the mind is filled with clear images. The body loses control over the voluntary movements; this means that only movements that help transmit the experience of orgasm are possible.

After the orgasm the body will want to relax in peace and quiet. This happens because the pituitary gland which also controls the sleep hormones immediately sends them to the endocrine system as a natural protection for the body to control the length of orgasm and protects in from becoming too sensitive. It is important to understand that balance is the most important thing in life. Once we remove any blockages from the body and mind, we allow the feelings of orgasm and super sensibility to remain with us longer. It must be stressed once more not to overdo. The only healthy and perfect growth is the natural one. Forcing things might just do more damage than good.

To sum up; the erotic massage is an excellent means of achieving the following:

    -    activating the brain and glands
    -    relaxing the body and mind
    -    helps with preventing premature ageing

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