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Erotic massage FETISH: "PHILIA"

Fetish in erotica always adds that little something ‘extra’ and often provides additional pleasure. Usually we see fetishes as objects, parts of clothing, or footwear, sometimes even certain parts of the body can cause arousal. The most common fetishes we find things like piercings, soft and round bellies, leather-latex, feet and hands, red nail polish or lipstick, underwear, uniforms, role-play, etc.
Perhaps you are attracted to sexy underwear? Do you need an attractive nurse, smart assistant, timid secretary, or are you drawn towards something different?
 When you come back to reality after the Fetish erotic massage you will feel deeply relaxed and at the same time like a wholly new man. The Fetish erotic massage may not be for everyone but it is worth experiencing it.

Duration: 30/45 min.


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