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Erotic massage FETISH "DOMINATTA"

»Dressed in latex, high heels, whip in hand, this is how you meet me. I make you take off your clothes, cuff your hands together. You will obey or prepare to be punished. Dominatrix holds the power here, you are mine to do with as I please.«
Dominatta erotic massage offers you 1.000 spectres of an erotic massage for it comprises your subordination and an interesting game of fulfilling the mistress’s demands. If you wish you can bring your own tool, there is also available a choice of clothing, footwear and various tools and accessories. Dominatta erotic massage is a unique experience and you set the limit. The time stops with this massage because for a moment You stop being the leader, head, alpha. Feel and surrender to her powerful energy, which becomes even more appealing, sexy and strict. Let her carry you far away where you can completely surrender to her. These are small surprises, whichbring the surrendering to all unique pleasures, most of which you’ve never dreamed of to be true. Extraordinarily liberating.
So, how naughty were you? Can you meet the challenge?

Duration: 30/45 min.


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