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Erotic massage FOR HIM: "VENUS"

»As you comfortably lie back, prepare yourself to experience the gentle caressing touches flowing over your body, exciting and arousing you at the same time. In a sexy erotic dress I am taking you on a visual and tactile journey of a lifetime…as things start to heat up, the last remaining obstacle falls down and our combined erotic charge and passion will open the door to true sensual paradise.«
Venus erotic massage is a quality classic massage with a feeling of eroticism and sensuality where the masseuse is either naked or on your wish dressed in a sexy erotic lingerie. Our masseuses are the right answer to the demands of modern times for they can provide you physical, as well as mental relaxation exactly when you need it the most. With the correct touches and grips your circulation is improved and your lymph system is cleaned. Thus, more fresh blood and energy reaches your sexual organs, this makes you invigorated and you feel better and satisfied. It also effectively sooths stress.
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Duration: 20/30/45 min.

Performed: On a massage table


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