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Erotic massage FOR HIM: "M VITAL®"

M Vital is a combination of our top massages; from body to body, a massage charged with sensuality and eroticism to Lingam massage, focused mainly on genital massage – penis, testicles, prostate (inner or outer stimulation), and perineum (sometimes also referred to as the male »P-spot«) massage.
M Vital massage may have positive effects on your sex drive, endurance, stronger orgasms, better quality of your sperm; it may increase your testosterone levels, control premature ejaculation, and help you achieve a harder erection. It can be a great stress release that may lead to better health and greater vitality. An added bonus; a thorough massage of your testicles may cause an increase of activity in your brains, giving you a nice creativity boost.

Duration: 50/60 min.

Performed: On a comfortable massage cushion on the floor


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