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Erotic massage FOR HIM: "LINGAM®"

»Abroad, the Lingam Vital® erotic massage is a highly desirable and recognised. It is derived from the Tantra. In the Tantric language, the word lingam means penis. During the whole massage, the client lies on the back, is just receiving and surrendering himself completely for the duration of the massage, which is 45 minutes. With the exception of the introductory part where the body is massaged in the classic way, with hands, most of the massage is dedicated to your sexual organ.
The goal of the Lingam Vital® erotic massage is not merely the achievement of an orgasm, although it is often a pleasant and desirable side effect. This way the client can fully relax, because he does not have to worry about reaching any kind of goal.
The Lingam Vital® erotic massage has a lot of credit for experiencing stronger orgasms, harder erections, better sperm quality and higher testosterone levels. It also eliminates various blockades and in general contributes to a higher quality of the client’s intimate life. Try it!

Duration: 45 min.

Performed: On a comfortable massage cushion on the floor


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