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Erotic massage FOR HIM: "G SPOT"

»Experience the heavenly touch as I rub your G-spot. Enhanced sensations are a treat if you decide on prostate stimulation...«
We consider prostate massage to be an art. We made sure all our masseuses are aware of the male »G« spot and how to treat it. The massage is not merely fun and pleasure; there are also benefits to the stimulation, from giving you a stronger erection to preventing possible prostate-related health issues. Even though you are a prime example of a heterosexual male, do not worry. If a sexy masseuse is gently caressing and stimulating an erogenous zone inside your body it will not cause you to question your sexuality.

Once the masseuse starts to massage your prostate, try to remain relaxed. The more relaxed you are, the better the massage will be. It is important to communicate your feelings and wishes to the masseuse. Tell her what you like and how you like it. This is the reason we offer two types of prostate massage; the first one is external, where the masseuse keeps the massage on the outer side of your body between the anus and scrotum. The second type is the internal massage which enhances the blood flow and causes a stronger erection. The masseuse is always attentive to the level of arousal and adjusts her touches accordingly. When you reach that final moment of climax, the feeling will be twice as intense.

We offer this type of massage as an addition to the other types as well so just ask for it to be included for free whenever you decide on an erotic massage at our parlour.

Duration:  20 min

Performed: On a massage table



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