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Erotic massage FOR HIM "EROS"

»Her soft, fragrant skin slides against yours, her touches are teasing and arousing. Movements are sensual, seductive and erotic. She is silent but so very noticeable. Your body is her instrument, finely tuning it to her desires. Two bodies creating a single unit of movement. Body to body or Eros creates a true harmony between two bodies.«
Eros erotic massage with one masseuse is a refined art of body movement with a happy ending. It includes elements of classic massage but most of all your bodies are being massaged and getting warm closely together. On the massage mattress in the candlelight and by accompaniment of ambient music a masseuse with her appropriate touches provides for a free flow of your life and sex energy, which helps to retain or to lift your sex strength and vitality. The abundance of sexual energy means health, creativity, strength and the ability of a more intense sensation of climax. The body to body erotic massage also effectively relieves stress and tension since the quantity of the happiness and wellbeing hormones is significantly increased. The erotic massage at le Venera is a true gift for your mind and body. Try it!

Duration: 20/30/45/75 min.

Performed: On a comfortable massage cushion on the floor


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