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Erotic massage FOR HIM: "DIONYSUS"

»Allow yourself to be completely taken care of and let us lift you into all new heights of ecstasy. Two sensual, moving, exploring bodies are creating an atmosphere of tension and arousal. With their playful and naughty touches they lift you up, making you feel like the centre of the universe where all the pleasurable sensations have gathered all at once.«
Royal portion of attention with two masseuses on top of you. Four arms, four breasts, four seductive bottom loafs handle your tense muscles, are sliding in an oily way across your body and offer you an unbelievable oasis of erotic pleasure. A perfect heavenly trio and an exceptional erotic massage. You on the massage mattress with two naked masseuses. For we offer neither too little, nor too much. As if you were walking in the rhythm of imagination and illusion. It will be real but you will feel as if floating. In the arms of two excellent erotic masseuses. For dreams live everywhere and every moment. Make them true in Le Venera!

Duration: 45/75 min.

Performed: On a comfortable massage cushion on the floor


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