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Erotic massage FOR HER "YONI"

»Like an erotic exploration of your most intimate parts and like gentle touch of silky dreams, this massage will awaken desire in the depths of your body. As you are filled with warm, erotic energy, there is a sleeping fire slowly awakening deep within you. Your desire is calm, your body relaxed, and once again you will discover the delicious feelings of your body in a form of happiness, that will softly embrace your yearning body.«

Erotic Yoni massage is very specific, aimed only at women. It takes place on the massage mat on the floor. The massage starts with a short, relaxing classical massage but the majority of the time is spent focused on your Yoni; the pelvic area with mons pubis massage, labia, etc... This way the whole area around pelvis will get the benefits of a massage; improves the circulation, relaxes the tense muscles and energizes the area. Be revitalized with the help of Yoni - the tantric type of massage. It is a true body experience.

Duration: 45 min.

Performed: On a comfortable massage cushion on the floor


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