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Erotic massage FOR HER "APHRODITE"

»As I'm undressing myself the mere thought of it makes me shiver with anticipation. I am practically trembling with excitement of what's coming… The Aphrodite erotic massage is a sensual harmony. As I'm gently stroking your belly and mons Venus, butterflies start fluttering in your stomach. You can hardly wait to feel the oil slowly sliding down your skin, mixing with your natural juices and leaving you all the wetter from the sensation. You can hardly imagine how much more of the delightful massage you can withstand but…..You decided to find the pleasure with me. My body against yours, playing off each other like finely tuned instruments, creating loving harmony...«

Body to body erotic massage is suitable for all ladies and girls who desire a genuine touch of a female art of seduction and want to surrender to an experienced masseuse without any difficulty. Body to body erotic massage is performed on an erotic mattress where you are given on top of a manual classic massage also a hot body to body massage. Such a massage, on top of all the other provided pleasantries also takes care of your lymph, accelerates blood circulation and energy also to your sex organs, which means that a woman’s body is additionally strengthened and can experience deeper and better emotions, desire is awakened and the satisfaction is higher. Furthermore, it effectively sooths stress and removes tension.

Duration: 45/75 min.

Performed: On a comfortable massage cushion on the floor


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