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Erotic massage FOR COUPLES: "YONI in LINGAM"

Yoni and Lingam Vital® massage is a superb, pleasureenhancing choice for couples. Your erogenous zones are stimulated in a slightlydifferent way and with special focus. Both, the female (Yoni) and male (Lingam)variation of Vital® erotic massage are designed for you, the client, to receivethe maximum amount of pleasure. Our masseuses will take you on a whirlwind rideof sensual, deep stimulation that will leave you at the mercy of their morethan capable hands.

Throughout the massage you will both remain lying on yourback. For the next 45 minutes (which is how long the massage lasts) your onlyjob is to open yourselves up, allow the masseuses to work their magic on you.

The massage will begin with 15 minutes of gentle, bodymassage techniques to get you to relax, and then the remaining 30 minutes arespent focused entirely on your genitals. One of the masseuse is focused onmassaging Yoni (Tantric name for female sexual organ or vagina), specialattention is paid to Mons pubis, labia, clitoris, G-spot, and upon request,anal massage.

The other masseuse meanwhile works the Lingam (also referredto as the »Wand of light« in Tantric language, meaning male sexual organ orpenis), which is massaged thoroughly by using different hand techniques. Fearnot, your testicles and perineum won't be neglected either. Upon request, innerand/or outer prostate massage will be included.

The goal of Yoni and Lingam Vital® massage is not merely toachieve an orgasm, even though this can be quite pleasant and desirableside-effect. Therefore you need not have any performance anxieties. Whether youreach orgasm or not is not something you should concern yourself with before orduring the massage.

The benefits of genital massage are many; from graduallyincreasing the strength of your erection, better sperm quality, highertestosterone levels,… . It may also help dealing with any blockages; womenespecially may have trouble reaching an orgasm in their everyday lives, and themassage may work wonders for your love life. It can be a great stress relieverand may even be beneficial in slowing down your ageing process. The ability toexperience stronger orgasms may also be one of the many perks of this massage.

Duration: 45 min.

Performed: On a comfortable massage cushion on the floor



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