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Erotic massage FOR COUPLES: "HARMONY"

»What warmth, what difference, what perfection a touch can bring. Nowhere is this more evident than during the Harmony massage. As she yearns for that special feminine touch, he wants to see her in throes of exctasy. A unique erotic massage where you can take a moment to reach for that perfect sin together, hand in hand. Body to body, both desiring the same, just relax and go with the flow of pure feeling. My hands are slowly but surely bringing her closer and closer to her climax while the other one is simultaniously making all his fantasies come true. Like erotic muses we create pure poetry with our movements and take the two of you into our creation.«

Couple massage with 2 masseuses Harmony it is suitable for adventurers, as well as for those who want with the help of two masseuses to experience a totally new, wonderful experience, after which you will both leave aroused and at the same time appeased. The couple massage is fully concentrated on the satisfaction of both of you, that you experience together something unforgettable and taste the other undiscovered stimulants of erotic massage. The massage takes place on a comfortable mattress, it comprises some elements classic massage but mostly your bodies are warming up closely together. Numerous couples who visit us say that after the massage they feel much more close to their partner for this experience invigorates their everyday action in so brings even more pleasure to the relationship itself and to life in general.

Duration: 45/75 min.

Performed: On a comfortable massage cushion on the floor


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