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Erotic massage FOR COUPLES: "SIMPHONY"

»..I can see she is enjoying my touch. Her legs spread almost imperceptibly. You are enjoying the view as well…how can you not when she is practically purring beneath my touch, as I'm putting more oil on her body, sliding against her,…you are observing how my breasts touch her, how desperate she is becoming. She is enjoying herself. You slowly join us and tease her perked nipples expertly. She widens her legs and lets me get a glimpse of her, waiting, desperate for more. We are now in the moment, let the symphony begin…«

Erotic massage for couples with one masseus is one of the secrets of wellbeing and also of a deeper magnetic connection between a man and a woman. We are talking about a delicate exchange of sex energy, which strengthens mutual relations. With the erotic massage Symphony you are filled with great dose of playfulness, joy, passion and drive. In the company of our chosen masseuse you embark together into something special, where you will be, with sensual touching and connection, lifted to a higher level of eroticism. The massage takes place on a comfortable mattress, it comprises some elements classic massage but mostly your bodies are warming up closely together. There are numerous combinations and our masseuse will gladly adjust to your wishes. Since during the massage the hormone oxytocin is being released, this is the hormone of relaxation, trust and love; you and your partner will feel even more close to eachother after it.

Duration: 45/75 min.

Performed: On a comfortable massage cushion on the floor


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